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Treatments available & Prices

Relaxing and reducing tension and stress. Gentle thumb and finger pressure is applied to the feet.  1 hour£50
Hot Stone Reflexology
Working with hot stones up to the knee, warming the muscles and allowing for increased pressure and deeper relaxation. Please wear loose legged trousers for this treatment. Cold stones can be included in this treatment. It is very invigorating and often appreciated after exercise.  1¼ hours£62
Reflexology Lymph Drainage
Focusing on the reflexes relating to the lymphatic system this technique may help when lymphoedema is an issue. Useful in many other conditions too.  1 hour£50
Structural Reflexology®
Combining foot function with reflexology. A foot assessment is done by accurate measuring of both feet and taking ink presses of the feet in motion. 20/30 minutes. This is followed by a full Structural Reflexology® and Foot Mobilization treatment. Up to 90 minutes  1½ hours£75

Reflexology is a complementary therapy and no claims are made for diagnosis or cure.
It is not a substitute for medical treatment and advice.

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